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Our Growing Practices

Shepherd Moon Farm provides the freshest, healthiest produce possible at a fair and economical price. We use sustainable farming methods using composted animal manure, green manure crops and mulching to build the soil. We practice crop rotation, are primarily no till and do not use chemicals. We are not currently certified organic.

Purchase a CSA share to become a member of our Shepherd Moon Farm community.

Delivery Options

Farm Pick Up

You’ll get $50 off of summer shares for picking up at the farm. Check the box at checkout to confirm your pickup location

Minneapolis Pick Up

Contactless pickup is in the Midtown Phillips neighborhood near Abbot Hospital.

Summer Share

17 – 18 Thursday pick ups | June – September

The full share is packed full of a wide variety of veggies. From basil to beets, summer squash to strawberries, and cabbage to corn. There is a little bit of something for every one in each box. We offer two share sizes– full and half shares. We also offer add-ons for summer shares, information below.

Sliding Scale Options

We believe that local healthy food should be accessible to all. If you have abundance consider helping us make that possible, by donating a share to a community member in need. Conversely, if you cannot make the base price, please feel free to pay the minimum.

bountiful array of vegetables on the grass

Summer Sampler

5 Thursday pick ups | June – September: you choose the dates!

Are you a first-time CSA customer? Or do you want produce but not every week? Summer samplers are a great way to try on Shepherd Moon CSA without committing to the entire season. Pick 5 Thursdays – dates of your choosing.

Summer Sampler


Full Share

Feeds 2 heavy vegetable eaters or an average family of 4. Full shares will get a bit of everything that is ripe each week of summer.

Full Share Base Cost

This covers the cost of growing a full share – seeds, equipment, compost, labor, tools, wax boxes, etc.


Half Share

Feeds 1 heavy vegetable eater or an average pair. Half shares will get slightly less variety each week, but still their fill of the goods.

Half Share Base Cost

This covers the cost of growing a half share – seeds, equipment, compost, labor, tools, wax boxes, etc.


Full Share + Donated Half Share to Community


Full Share + Donated Fall Share to Community


Full Share Upheld by Community


Half Share + Donated Single Share to Community


Half Share + Donated Spring Share to Community


Half Share Upheld by Community


Add-on Shares

We offering add-ons for freezing, fermenting, or canning with your box. Each add-on is a one time addition to your regular CSA pick up. They will be included as the respective vegetables are ripe.

Pesto Share

2 lbs basil and 6 garlic bulbs


Tomato Share

40 lbs heirloom tomatoes


Kimchi/Sauerkraut Share

10 lbs cabbage, carrots, garlic, radishes


Salsa Share

20 lbs heirloom tomatoes with salsa fixings (onions, garlic, peppers)


Greens Share

1 bushel of assorted kale and chard


Spring Greens Share

Thursday pick ups | late April – Early June

Veggies you might see in your boxes: potatoes, onions, greens mix, lettuce, spinach, arugula, asparagus, chives, herbs

Spring Greens Share


Fall Share

4 Thursday pick ups | October – November

Veggies you might see in your boxes: winter squash, garlic, onions, potatoes, beets, sage, cabbage, celeriac, parsnips, pumpkins, diakon radish, sunchokessun chokes

Fall Share


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