COVID-19 Safety

A wheelbarrow filled with freshly harvested garlic

We will be taking extra precautions on the farm during this time to keep the workers healthy and food in your boxes clean. We will follow guidelines from the University of Minnesota extension for fruit and vegetable growers. Here are some steps we are taking on the farm to ensure safety during this pandemic:

  • Hand washing stations will be emphasized and utilized more frequently by workers throughout the day.
  • No one will work while they are sick
  • We all will all keep social distance from one another while working
  • All surfaces will be sanitized more thoroughly and frequently along with produce boxes and other containers that hold vegetables.
  • We will maintain social distance at drop sites. There will be helpful reminders when you pick up your box.
  • The work hours along with your share is not longer required. We still encourage you to come out an help on the farm and we will be strict about social distancing and cleanliness.